Next Question: Can you figure out what all these holes are for in the cup holders?

That questions came in from Matt Love, who wanted to know about the cup holders at Mile High Stadium.

There are a few extra compartments on the holders attached to fans' seats.

Well found out -- just for you, Matt.

The Broncos Director of Facilities, Zach Myhra, says the smaller round hole is for pens in case fans are keeping score. On days when the Broncos put out flags or pom poms they also put them in that hole.

The larger rectangular area is for folded programs, and the peg is for hanging binoculars or bags.

Of course, the large round hole is for cups.

Myhra says the cup holders' compartment design was created in 2001.

The stadium has two cup holder designs - those cup holders with multiple compartments and simple cup holders at the end of some seats' armrests that only hold drinks.