Is she a lady of the night or just a lady enjoying a night out?

Someone wanted to know if the woman in a mural inside the building that houses Denver’s election headquarters was a prostitute.

The election office’s response… they’re not really sure what she’s up to.

“Someone on Reddit had expressed a concern about the imagery of what they believed to be a prostitute contained within that mural,” said Alton Dillard with Denver Elections.

“Over the past few election cycles we’ve gotten some concerned e-mails and calls about the imagery within it. So for the one month out of the year that we’re actually a voter service and polling center, we chose to put our brand on that wall instead,” he said.

You read that right, the elections folks cover the mural with a banner when people come down to the office at 14th and Bannock to vote. As soon as the election is over the banner will be uncovered.

The city’s public art department approves the move by the elections headquarters.

If you want to see the mural, head to the office starting on Wednesday.