Breaking news!

That's the first time those words have been uttered on Next. Not because news doesn't happen while we're on air. We covered it, when it's necessary, like the suspected shooter at Rose Hospital, or the shootout that injured a Douglas County deputy.

We just don't yell breaking news at you.

Greg Stant of Denver knows why. He wrote to Next, saying, "If everything is 'Breaking News,' then nothing is 'Breaking News.' I have seen 'Breaking News' go on for days. Same issue. Days later. Still, 'Breaking News.' We should get rid of 'Breaking News.' Now THAT would be 'Breaking News.'"

This is Next's philosophy on breaking news:

We will cover news as it happens.
We will not pretend big news is happening when it isn't.
We will respect that you're smart enough to know the difference.
We will be honest about what we know - and don't.
We will not manufacture breaking news to create urgency.
We will not tease ahead to vital safety information, making you wait.
We will be transparent about sources.
We will correct errors quickly and fully.
We will work with you to find out what's happening and why.