President-Elect Donald Trump may have to readjust his social media usage once he's officially commander-in-chief.

He's gone on some late-night tweeting sprees in the last few months, and some of those tweets are later deleted. That happened over the last weekend.

That started a conversation about the Presidential Records Act, the statute that governs the official records of presidents and vice presidents. The idea is that once a president's term is over, all of his records are transferred to the National Archives.

So what happens if Trump deletes tweets related to his job as the president?

That's still a bit of a grey area.

Social media wasn't around when the act was created in 1978, after the Watergate scandal. Trump could be in violation of the Presidential Records Act if he deletes tweets related to issues or policies surrounding his new job.

The rules are also still unclear about personal accounts versus the official POTUS account. As the White House has said, all of President Obama’s Snapchat stories, tweets and Facebook posts will be archived, and but the @POTUS accounts will be cleared, and Trump’s team will take over those accounts. But Trump can maintain his current accounts, too.

The other thing about social media is, no matter which account he uses, a post doesn't just go away if it's deleted. If you have nearly 16 million twitter followers, as Trump does, the odds are pretty high that someone will screen grab it.