Let's hear it for the outliers. The rebels.

Denver's Republicans. DougCo's Democrats.

They're the voters who swim upstream against the local political currents.

There's something discouraging about the absolutism of this election. Ya know, the way people say, "I can't believe you're voting for him. I can't believe you're voting for her."

These decisions are highly complicated, and personal. Your vote is yours, and yours alone. No one deserves to be shamed or ridiculed for the exercise of their personal franchise.

With that said, if you choose to shout your choice loud and proud from a street corner in opposing territory, you know someone is going to give you the business. Larry Bukeheart stood at Speer and University in Denver, waving his Trump flag high, and getting pretty much what you'd expect in return.

"There have been a lot of people who don't like Trump. I've had some people spit at me, some people throw rocks at me, it;s kind of demeaning but the people that cheer me on make it all worthwhile."

Larry said he planned to stay out until the polls closed on Tuesday.

This isn't about his politics. It's about saluting the outliers, the people willing to take unpopular stands. The Larrys in Denver. The Clinton voters in Red America. The third party voters who refuse to believe that voting their conscience is some how a waste.

Check out Larry in that video above. What do you think of him?

Be honest. Was it based on your politics? Or on the view, that hopefully we all share, that each person's vote is theirs and theirs alone.