If you’ve taken the Lincoln Street exit off northbound I-25, you’ve likely seen the garage painted to like a giant road sign.

The garage belongs to Dale Behse. So does the paint job.

“People need to realize that a little caution needs to be taken while driving around here,” Behse said.

Behse’s lived in the south Denver neighborhood since 1973, and over the years, he’s tried to get drivers exiting I-25 to take notice of his garage.

“Starting in about the mid-1980s, people started running into this garage,” Behse said.

In fact, it’s happened more than once – even more than a few times.

“Oh, at least a half dozen times,” Behse said.

Behse’s garage sits behind his home near East Ohio Avenue and Sherman Street. Behse thinks some drivers exiting I-25 and others taking a blind turn into the alley behind the garage end up hitting it.

“The garage is just sitting in a bad place,” Behse said.

The frequent hit-and-run crashes prompted Behse to pick up some paint and get to work.

“I just told the guys at the paint store ‘make it the same shade of yellow as what the highway department uses,’” Behse said with a laugh.

About 4 years ago, Behse painted diagonal, striped yellow and black lines across the front and side of the garage.

“The whole idea was for this to become noticeable so people wouldn’t run into it,” Behse explained.

The idea worked.

“Lo and behold, nobody has run into it,” Behse said.

“Colorful” is the word Behse used to describe his garage and its history.

“It was built in about 1900. It used to be a little carriage house,” Behse said.

According to Behse, bootleggers used the building during prohibition. The paint job was likely more discreet back then, because now, it’s hard to miss.

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