You may have noticed Kyle's fuzzy face over the last few weeks. He has a personal reason for participating in No-Shave November:

My grandfather, Harry, was the funniest guy I've ever known. His jokes were never cutting, always kind. He didn't even need words to make you laugh. It would be a raised eyebrow, a smile, or quick glance across the Thanksgiving dinner table at an awkward moment.

Even when colon cancer robbed him of most of his energy, he was still making us smile. We threw him and my Grandma an early 65th anniversary party when he was declining and short of words.

He picked up a flower, put it in his teeth, and turned adoringly to Grandma. The room cracked up.

He fought cancer with everything he had - and passed away just before their 65th anniversary.

Cancer is Colorado's leading cause of death, claiming the lives of 7,000 of our neighbors each year. Researchers say that nearly half of cancer diagnoses and deaths are preventable.

I'm raising funds for cancer research and treatment this No-Shave November in his memory.

I would ask for your donation of any size, even $10 helps. And if you're making your donation in honor of someone fighting cancer or in memory of someone who has passed - please share that story in the comment section of the No-Shave donation form so I can read your story, too.

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