The day thieves broke into DeMarcus Ware’s Denver home while he was playing the Houston Texans at Mile High Stadium, other thieves broke into eight other homes across the city.

Sources: Ware's Super Bowl ring stolen in burglary

Stolen items recovered in Ware's burglary

On average, Denver has seen 12 burglaries a day so far this year. An important number to keep in mind as we focus on that one break-in.

The same day, someone broke into Michael Lorenzo’s West Washington Park home, stealing several Broncos jerseys, along with some other valuables.

Lorenzo, like Ware, got those belongings back, except for a Super Bowl 50 jacket he got while working the big game. (Anyone from the Broncos reading this?)

“It’s extremely frustrating…you go to work every day. You’re doing that to pay your bills and do it right and people who want to take advantage of others they just decide to wait till we’re gone to take advantage of us,” Lorenzo said.