Believe it or not, the debates between Trump and Clinton have actually inspired someone, sort of. It may have just scared them. We visited an artist in Broomfield who isn’t afraid to let Trump or Clinton on her property.

Deyanna Lambert worked for a haunted house for seven years, so she typically does a lot of horror and Halloween stuff with her yard every year. She says she thinks comedy and humor are important, but that her display this year, shows something a little scarier. She was inspired by the first presidential debate when creating her lawn display this year. Lambert told us she thinks, like a lot of people, that this election is scary because there are a lot of divisive issues. She says if we can’t laugh, then it’s genuinely terrifying.

"If we can't laugh about it, then it's genuinely terrifying."

She made her yard look almost like a haunted debate, with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton – in skeleton form – standing at podiums. Trump has the signature tan and bad hair, and Clinton is wearing a smile. Lambert says she made the Clinton skeleton smile because she seems happy and confident in the debates.

Lambert says she may try to incorporate a jab at New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, in the Halloween display. She wants to put a dog house at the Trump skeleton’s feet with a sign saying ‘Do Not Feed Chris Christie.

She says she’ll continue to add to the display with little things throughout the month.