Have you ever heard of a "turkey lockout?" It’s a real thing in Colorado.

AAA Colorado spokesperson Wave Dreher says about 10 years ago, her team started noticing a large number of AAA members getting locked out of their vehicles during the week of Thanksgiving – so many, they dubbed them turkey lockouts.

Dreher thinks it's because people have their arms full of shopping bags, and they’re distracted by holiday planning.

"They lock their keys in the trunk along with their turkey, therefore – we call them turkey lockouts," Dreher said, “It’s very seasonal. This is not something that happens any other time of the year, where we get a surge of roadside assistance calls for being locked out.”

In order to qualify as a turkey lockout, you don’t necessarily need to lock your keys in the car WITH a turkey, but that's usually the case at this time of year, according to AAA.

“A lot of times people won’t admit what they’ve done. A lot of the things we suspect are going on, people aren’t going to admit what they did,” Dreher said. "They’re loading the car, they’re juggling so many things along with the kids going off for break and we have to find the keys off in the car, and a lot of the time, it’s right next to the turkey.”