A case of mistaken identity wrecked a Boulder woman's Twitter mentions during Tuesday's vice presidential debate.

Elaine Reddy is in public relations. Her Twitter profile says she's a lover of Boulder, a plate collector and an expert in awkward situations.

So maybe she was the perfect person to get mixed up with Elaine Quijano, the CBS News journalist who moderated last night's debate.

Elaine Reddy's online profile doesn't say anything about journalism, but the Twitterverse mixed up the whole thing.

Reddy's Twitter handle is just "Elaine," and she was getting all sorts of angry tweets.

Twitter screenshot

"You're biased, @Elaine."
"Do your job, @Elaine."
"What a loser, @Elaine."


We asked Elaine Reddy to explain to us how last night went for her - in 140 characters, of course.

She said the mix-up was: "Mainly amusing! Interesting to see that both sides felt that their candidates weren't treated fairly. It's a hard role."