With all the attention on recounts and the integrity of the election this year, many people are asking a simple question: “did my vote actually count?”

Jim Rhoads emailed 9NEWS asking us to help him verify whether his vote was counted, so we set up a meeting for him with Weld County Clerk Carly Koppes.

We never asked Rhoads who he voted for or what party he’s with. We just wanted to help him (and the rest of us) get a peek behind the curtain at how elections work and how you can see that your vote counted.

Jim learned exactly when the county accepted his ballot—and how they verify his signature by comparing it to every signature he’s ever used to submit a Colorado ballot in the past. (Koppes was able to show him this on her computer system.)

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Looking to verify whether your vote counted? Look up your county clerk.

Some allow you to check your ballot’s status online. Others can look it up for you if you call.

Have something else you want us to help you go Verify? (It doesn’t have to be about politics!)

Email us: verify@9news.com to let us know!