How are you feeling today, party people?

Did you have a good Thanksgiving, full of cheer and togetherness? Or maybe it wasn’t full of fond memories.
Someone around the dinner table might have been a jerk, and the reality is, that person could have been you.

9NEWS psychologist Dr. Max Wachtel says it might not be easy to tell, but if you’re often the self-righteous one, then there’s a good chance.

“If everybody is always upset with you about something, you’re probably the jerk. If you are always upset with every one of your family members at the Thanksgiving table, you’re probably the jerk. If you have five or six different people who you think are the family jerk, you’re probably the jerk,” he said.

But, fear not. There are ways to correct this, starting with self-awareness.

“If you’re rubbing people the wrong way. If you’re driving them crazy, you have to know that,” Dr. Max said.

From there, apologize, do better next time and keep your mouth shut when it’s appropriate.

“Promise to host Christmas dinner and vow to never be a jerk again.”

If you’re not the jerk, then great! You’re not the jerk! But, if it’s someone else, there’s less you can do about it.

“I would just ignore him,” Dr. Max said. “It depends on the person. If you think the person is going to be receptive, and they’re just having a bad day… then you can confront them about it, and they’re probably going to hear it. If they have been the jerk the last 20 Thanksgivings, just let it go.”