Where my nerds at?

Oh, hey! If you stuck around this long, let's keep going.

When was the last time Colorado voted for a Democrat for president, and America chose a Republican? Who knows it?

Think of your answer now. C'mon. Time is running out.





It was actually former Republican state legislator Rob Witwer who just asked, and the Secretary of State's Office that found him an answer via Republican strategist and sort of historian Dick Wadhams.

The answer is 1908, when Colorado chose Democrat William Jennings Bryan. You know,"You shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold!"

And the nation was like - ehh - cross of gold sounds fine. Let's go with Republican William Howard Taft.

That was 108 years ago. Yes, the same amount of years since the Cubs won the World Series. Make of that what you will.

Alternatively, Colorado has gone Republican during Democratic presidential victories: 1940, Roosevelt-Willkie; 1944, Roosevelt-Dewey; 1960, Kennedy-Nixon; and 1996, Bill Clinton-Dole.

Hillary Clinton will officially claim Colorado's electoral votes on Dec. 19, as electors are legally required to go with the state's popular vote.