Did you see it? The Hepatitis C ad that ran in the World Series Monday night?

The Baby boomers be warned – the World Series is sponsored by – a Hep C ad...

Which brings us to our latest Next segment, "You Should Probably Know This." It's not to be confused with NBC’s “The More You Know."


Now that that’s clear... You Should Probably Know This...

The ad that ran on TV links to this website – HepCHope.com, which is sponsored by Gilead.

Which just so happens to make three great Hep C drugs – Sovaldi – Harvoni – and the recently approved Epclusa.

Great – and really, really, really, really, really, really expensive.

Like, list price of 70 grand for the full treatment – kind of expensive.

Like, 22 million spent in Colorado on Medicaid last fiscal year.

Truth is, many people who have Hep C don’t know it. They probably should.

But that shouldn’t keep us from telling you who stands to gain when more people test positive.

And that my friends – is something you should probably know.