Jessica Derksen has a plea for drivers in Colorado.

It's pretty simple: be careful and pay attention.

"My annual plea is to please, please, please, be safe," Derksen said. "Take caution while driving and while traveling this holiday season."

Derksen's husband works for CDOT. He plows roads in the mountains, which is something that makes her a bit nervous every once in a while.

"I check in with him periodically, obviously. If he's in a place where he can't text me, he's on the road, so he can't text or he can't call," Derksen said. "The close calls have been people swerving around him, passing on the right, you know, just cutting him off."

Her husband has been hit twice while working in the mountains.

"There's a chance he might have to be outside of the vehicle where he could get hit, and that's very frightening to me," Derksen said. "He's up there taking care of the roads so you can get to where you're going safely," Derksen said.