Libertarian Gary Johnson has stopped in Denver during election season as part of his national tour.

He's been hoping to "expand awareness" about third parties being more included in national presidential debates. Johnson and others did not appear in national debates because they did not reach the polling threshold to participate.

Johnson never responded to 9NEWS' requests for an interview, but yes, we've heard your calls to cover third party candidates.

"Give them equal time," is what some of you say you want.

Except, we know you don't.

Not really.

Let me explain...

When you say "give all the candidates equal time," what you mean is "give equal time to the major party candidates, plus the third party candidate I like, plus maybe one more," if you're feeling charitable.

But certainly not all the candidates. Not all 22 candidates for president on the Colorado ballot.

As the argument goes: if only they got equal time, they'd get equal support.


Is that what's standing in the way of Socialism and Liberation candidate Gloria Estela La Riva?

Oh, I mentioned one, got to do equal time for the others...

There's Republican Donald Trump

Democrat Hillary Clinton

Libertarian Gary Johnson

Green Party candidate Jill Stein, who 9NEWS did interview

We're just starting to get equal up in here...

American Constitution candidate Darrell Castle

Unaffiliated candidate Evan McMullin

Another unaffiliated Ryan Alan Scott

And another, Mike Smith

Candidate Frank Atwood.

No way! That's awesome. Oh wait. I'm thinking Frank *Underwood*

American Delta candidate Rocky De La Fuente

Prohibition candidate James Hedges

See ya at the Beer Fest, Mr. Hedges

America's Party candidate Tom Hoefling

Veterans of America candidate Chris Kniston

Alyson Kennedy with the Socialist Workers

Emidio Soltysik from Socialist USA

Whew. Equal time is tiring. Snack break........


......mmm, turkey sandwich........


and we're back...

With Nutrition candidate Rod Silva.

Independent American Kyle Kenley Kopitk

Don't run on your initials, Kyle.

Kotlikoff For President candidate Laurence Kotlikoff.

American Solidarity's Michael Maturen.

Independent People candidate Joseph Allen Maldonado.

And I give up... appropriate... because we're left with

Non-Violent Resistance/Pacifist candidate Bradford Lyttle.

This has been Next's equal coverage of Campaign 2016.