On paper, the latest incarnation of The Mummy franchise sounded like box office gold.

The continuation of a fun action-adventure series, Tom Cruise, mummies, zombies, monsters, crusaders - what could go wrong if you just follow the formula?

That's exactly what the film did, which is exactly why the film failed.

With the Marvel Comic Universe (and the DC Comic world quickly catching up), the storytelling bar has been raised for the genre.

In the latest install of The Mummy, a long-forgotten Egyptian princess has been awaken, with a mission to rule the world alongside the god of death.

Once the plot is revealed, every part of the film becomes easily predictable. While 'Wonder Woman' did follow a traditional storyline, it had heart. It featured well developed characters, and the audience truly became invested in their lives.

But The Mummy didn't have that. It lacked strong characters, a suspenseful plot or any type of storytelling to make it stand out.

I've heard the joke "The Mummy should have just stayed buried" all around the internet. But what's done is done - here's to hoping Universal gets it right with its next series reprise.