If you have been on the internet at all over the past 48 hours, you’ve probably seen the Denver Zoo’s bizarre appearance on Saturday Night Live this weekend.

It also included some of SNL’s observations about morning news – including the early morning tendency to botch headlines (something the author of this article has been guilty of at 5 a.m. on multiple occasions).

This sketch certainly was something, and it piqued our interest in finding more SNL sketches that highlight Denver and the rest of our beloved state.

Do these sketches feature more animal “pornographers?” Thankfully for Colorado tourism officials, no, but they do feature marijuana and Tim Tebow.

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Nancy Grace targets legal marijuana in Colorado

This has everything you need in an SNL skit: intense Nancy Grace, a Boulder bakery shop that has really capitalized on Colorado’s booming marijuana industry and Jimmy from Degrassi (also known as Drake, the rapper).

You can watch that sketch here:

Can’t see the video? Click here: http://bit.ly/1FHARgY

Jesus visits Tim Tebow

Remember when Tim Tebow was a really, really big deal? Now you do. Watch this sketch – it might even make you miss this fascinating time in our lives.

Can’t see the video? Click here: http://bit.ly/1Emf90T

And in case you missed it, morning news highlights the Denver Zoo’s animal pornographer … we mean photographer! He’s a photographer!

This shouldn’t be as funny as it is. We love you, Danny Bangs.

Can’t see the video? Click here: http://bit.ly/2mEDUWx