May 5 is two things.

One, it’s the day of the Mexican Army’s unlikely victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla. Two, it’s the day that Adele (the artist, not the iconic 9NEWS anchor) was born.

She turns 29 years old Friday, but if her heartfelt songs are any indication, she’s already experienced a lifetime of love and loss.

Another thing she experienced? What appears to be a delightful pool (with a waterfall!) in Denver.

The date was July 17, 2016. She was in the Mile High City for an epic concert at the Pepsi Center. Shortly thereafter, she posted a photo on Instagram where she looks really, really happy in a man-made body of water. 

The caption simply reads “Denver, CO” -- indicating that the pool is in Denver, Colorado.

Can't see the photo? Click here:

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THE STORY THAT SPARKED IT ALL: Adele is the essence of pure joy in this pool pic

For one 9NEWS web producer, this photo sparked a nearly year-long obsession that included scouring hotel websites, short-term rental listings, country clubs and real estate blogs for any clue as to where this pool is. 

It also included awkward calls to area hotels with the phrase: “Excuse me, I know this is a weird question, does your pool have a waterfall?”

There’s no real reason for this obsession. I swear I’m not stalking Adele. Wherever this pool is, I’m guessing I can’t afford to get anywhere near it. And I don’t even really care about seeing it in person. It’s just been a nagging question I’ve had – and darn it, I want the answer!

Another thing to make clear? This is not real news. There are billions and billions of more important things happening around the world. It’s just a mystery. Some people are trying to find out what happened to Amelia Earhart – I’m trying to figure out which pool in Denver a pop star visited. Before you judge, remember, this whole thing could be about something Nickelback did in Denver. 

The initial photo presents few clues.

There is the aforementioned waterfall. There is shrubbery. There are bricks. It appears to be outside, but it could also be artificial lighting. It’s in artistic black and white, and I’m not going as far as to speculate about the colors of things.

An annotated analysis of the Adele pool. 

Denver, Colorado also holds clues. There are a finite number of pools here. But, Adele could also be somewhere in the Denver area, and not technically within city limits.

That greatly increases the number of pools. It could also be private property. Who can say?

If you know what the Adele pool is, please contact You can use the subject line: “You’re an idiot and please focus on something important.” You can also just say “Adele pool.”

On that note, happy birthday Adele! Thank you for the music … and the mystery pool photo.

You can now return to your regularly scheduled news (if you got this far …).