A weird, wild, witty and wonderful ride, Dr. Strange breaks just far enough outside the superhero mold to make him not only worth watching, but worth watching again and again.

Dr. Strange is Marvel's attempt at a wizard film. Think Harry Potter meets Lord of the Rings meets The Avengers.

On paper, it sounds like a sloppy mess waiting to happen, but this movie rises above all the cliches that could have weighed it down.

But don't tell Dr. Strange that - his ego is big enough as is.

Full disclosure: One of the co-authors of this movie review has kind of a major crush on Benedict Cumberbatch. (Hint: it's Kelly).

Normally those egotistical, can't-have-a-relationship-with-anyone-but-myself type of characters can rub me the wrong way, but somehow Benedict Cumberbatch's character has a PhD in bordering the line between human, and just human ego. What it is about him?! His accent?

No, I think it's the way he whips his red cape of mystery (it's called something much more scienc-y in the film, of course) perfectly in the moment he truly becomes Dr. Strange the superhero.

Feast your eyes. It's perfect:


Much in the way he plays Sherlock, Cumberbatch brings charm, wit, and yes, self-centered egomania to the doctor, along with traces of a heart we hope unfolds a bit more in future films.

While the studio's other comic series (think Captain America) are much stronger, Strange's visually-stunning tale is still thoroughly entertaining nonetheless and stands to skyrocket.

The movie, while still a plot of good versus evil, veers away from muscle-bound fist-fights and more into the realm of fantasy and time-warps. And, the conflict is just as much within the doctor as it is with the power-hungry villains.

Special-effects driven and almost overwhelming to the eye, the 3D version is something to behold - if you can stomach it. Otherwise, you'll still enjoy the incredible, otherworldly battle scenes just fine in HD.

Dr. Strange is a perfect fit inside Marvel's complex superhero world, finding his niche between the mighty Thor and the heartthrob Captain America. Strange is enough sass and science to fit in just fine.

Welcome to the family, Dr. Strange. We can't wait to see where you take us next.