DC Comics finally got one right.

Wonder Woman lives up to all of its hype, creating a character worthy of young girls to look up to.

Taking its cues from some of the best Marvel movies (a la Captain America), the film is gloriously vintage, set in World War I.

Gal Gadot is as convincing a warrior as she is a beautiful woman.

I don’t know how her hair stays so perfect throughout an epic battle with the gods and Germans, but hey, you can’t take the Hollywood out of everything, can you?

Wonder Woman remains a sex symbol, but at least she’s a bad*** b**** who don’t need no man.

That's because she knew of no man, coming from a hidden island that sheltered the Amazon women in a paradise.

Watch the Official Trailer here.

Entering a world run by men was a key element to the film. Wonder Woman does not understand the societal norms of the time, often interjecting and speaking when "not allowed."

A concept I cringed at when I saw on screen, but a reminder of how far we have come as a society and how important making a film like this is to children growing up today.

The movie not only touches on gender equality, but also seamlessly weaves in the lasting horrors of war including mental health and genocide.

What makes Wonder Woman a stand out from the other DC Comics franchise attempts is its ability to balance storytelling with action.

The film is full of more character development than in most Marvel movies, and left me simply saying, “Wow.”

The action scenes are suspenseful and beautifully choreographed. The dialogue is quippy at times and deeply emotional at others.

It’s going to be a blockbuster and it is actually, for once, worth all the hype.

Let's hope DC gets it right again with the Justice League.