KUSA – We all have goals we set out to achieve in life, and as we get older, that list might get longer.

“She has goals in her life that she always sets and she always tries to go after them no matter what,” Bruce Boydstun said, speaking of his 96-year-old mother, June. “Always the go-getter,” he said, his arm around his wife, Nora’s shoulder.

Bruce and Nora were visiting June Friday afternoon at Sky Ridge Medical Center. June’s health had recently taken a turn for the worse and she was moved into comfort care at the hospital.

Bruce and Nora

Doctors and nurses focused on making her comfortable. In her 96 years, June Boydstun achieved a lifetime of goals except for one goal of lifetime.

“One of her big goals was to get on a Smucker’s jar,” Bruce said with a smile.

“That’s been her goal and she told everybody that,” Nora added. “I’m going to be 100. I’m going to be on a Smucker’s jar.”

For years, the Today show has given people who turn 100 years old the chance to see their face printed on a Smucker’s jar. Willard Scott started the tradition years ago, and Al Roker keeps it going.

Nurses at Sky Ridge Medical Center caught wind of June’s dream to make it on a Smucker’s jar. Dr. Stephanie Chiu decided to do something.

“Knowing that she was transitioning to comfort care, the chances were kind of low that she was going to make it to 100 years,” Chiu said. “So I thought, you know, it would be a really nice touch for her to get to say you know, my face was on a jar of Smucker’s.”

On a day off last week, Chiu had Bruce Boydstun send her a picture of June. She found a template of a Smucker’s label online, printed it out and put it on a jar of Smucker’s jelly.

“I brought it in and she was just really excited that she made it,” Chiu said with a big smile.

 96-year-old June's face on a Smucker's jar. 

“Obviously, I got a little emotional,” said Bruce. “I had to leave for a little bit, but you know, because it’s been such a such a dream of hers.”

From a hospital bed, 96-year-old June Boydstun reached a goal of a lifetime. She managed to do it a little more than three years before anyone else.

“The staff here is just – they’re amazing,” said Nora Boydstun. “They made it happen,” said Bruce.

 96-year-old June's face on a Smucker's jar.