The Cincinnati Zoo might have Fiona the hippo, but folks in the Mile High City know who the real star of the animal kingdom is.

That’s right: Dobby the giraffe, a happy surprise who was born at the Denver Zoo in March – at the peak of the April the Giraffe phase of American history.

He’s kind of a big deal, and as we learned Thursday, this big deal and national treasure will be staying put in Denver.

As Next reported back in March, Dobby’s fate was in the hands of Species Survival Plans, which monitors animal populations at accredited zoos in North America.

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His dad Dikembe has gotten around … as in he has 18 kids, so his genes aren’t particularly needed at other North American zoos, because he’s been plenty prolific.

Because of that, Dobby has … erm … well, let’s just say he won’t be a father. But, as the Denver Zoo said in an adorable video posted to Twitter, this means he’ll be staying in Denver with his mom, dad, aunt and best friend Heshi!

You can watch the video below:

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