No, April the giraffe has not had that freaking baby yet. The Denver Zoo, however, has welcomed another little miracle (that’s in addition to Dobby).

Miso-Chi, a fishing cat, was born on Jan. 25 to mother Namfon and father Ronaldo.

This cute critter is the first fishing cat born at the Denver Zoo. We can’t call Miso-Chi a him or a her just yet because this cub’s sex hasn’t been determined.

You can see Miso-Chi dive for live fish at the Marynelle Philpott Fishing Cat Lagoon at the Denver Zoo along with his mother.

If you read this headline and thought to yourself: “wow, that thing’s cute. What’s a fishing cat?” then you’re in luck.

As their name suggests, these are powerful swimmers. They are found throughout southwest India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Malaysia, Thailand, Sumatra, Java and Pakistan.

Although they resemble a house cat, fishing cats are actually about twice the size, growing from about two to almost three feet long and weighing up to 26 pounds.

How they fish is super cool. They have been observed attracting fish by lightly tapping the water's surface with their paw, mimicking insect movement. They then dive right in and catch the fish, using their claws like fishing hooks.

They can also wade into shallow water to catch their prey.

It is believed there are less 10,000 fishing cats left in the wild – and their numbers continue to decline due to wetland destruction, pollution and even hunting.

The Denver Zoo recently voted to donate $1,500 to the conservation of these majestic critters.