Here in Colorado, we see lots of wildlife.

After all, much of our state is in what folks call “the wild,” so it would make sense that we see wildlife here.

However, there’s always a thrill to seeing wildlife in our tamed areas, such as Boulder (which is, to quote a popular Denver Museum of Nature and Science exhibit, on the “Edge of the Wild”).

A Boulder Daily Camera reporter and photographer captured this spectacle on Wednesday morning. According to reporter Mitchell Byars, the bear lazily flipped on its back sometimes as it tried to get comfy in the tree, which is located in the University Hill neighborhood.

People in Boulder loved the visitor, including a person in a Grateful Dead t-shirt, because this is Boulder:

The bear vamped for the camera:

Animal control officers were on hand, but they said the bear was lazy to leave it be, Byars reports.

You can read the Daily Camera's story about the bear here: