The Denver Zoo took its Facebook fans for a behind-the-scenes look at raising an Eurasian eagle owlet Wednesday.

The chick is male, and at 17 days old he weighs 670 grams. He has not yet been named.

The birdkeeper Maureen fed him pieces of mice while she answered questions about his care and species. The bird is handfed, no puppet to fool it into thinking another owl is feeding it, because the zoo wants the owlet to grow up comfortable with people.

He’s growing quickly, requiring new housing every few days. He has a few more months before his adult feathers come in, though, changing his coloring to more of a tawny brown.

Once the owlet has grown up, he’ll become a part of the zoo’s Wildlife Show. After he joins the show, he’ll be given a name.

He’ll also eventually be a part of the zoo’s Animal Outreach program, visiting schools and such to educate about wildlife. Human members of the Animal Ambassadors team visit the owlet daily to become more familiar with the bird and his care.

He’ll be one of many birds of prey acting as an Animal Ambassador. His mother is an Animal Ambassador as well, but the owlet won't ever go back to her.

His parents aren’t on display to the public, kept instead in the rearing pen.

A few other tidbits

  • His adult wingspan can up to 6 feet long
  • His species can live 30 to 40 years.
  • Adults can weigh 2 and a half to 3 kilograms

Watch the original Facebook Live below.