It’s Monday, and if you’re looking for hard news, don’t keep reading.

But, if you need a little something to make you smile, check out this photo of the Denver Zoo’s surprise baby giraffe Dobby sharing a sweet moment with his hoof keeper, Jenny.

A guest snapped a photo of the two sharing a little smooch. The zoo shared it on its Facebook page Monday with a nice caption about those great things zookeepers do every day:

“The close relationships that our zookeepers form with the animals under their care inspires them to do the very best work that they can, every single day, in supporting our mission to provide a better world for animals through human understanding.”

Dobby was born in early March, and he was a bit of a surprise. His mother, Kipele, was on birth control and they didn’t know she was pregnant until she was pretty close to giving birth.

Her little miracle had to get a plasma transfusion to help fight infections and boost his immune system.