She'll celebrate her 65th birthday in a few days.

A granny, aging gracefully, while she gets down and dirty in the roller rink with Cleveland’s Burning River Roller Girls.

65-year-old Pamela Tuety of Lakewood goes by “Tuety Turmoil” when she's kickin’ butt and takin’ names on 8 wheels.

"People say 'Oh I'm too old to play roller derby and I say no! look at me! look at me!” says Tuety and smiles when she says, "I like the fact I'm getting exercise. I'm having fun. You just go for it! Start hitting and moving and doing what you need to do to get thru the pack."

6 years of taking tumbles and Tuety gets right back in the game with, “Just little aches and pains,” she laughs.

She’s hanging with tough girls less than half her age, "They are from all walks of life. Doctors, attorneys. I was a pet groomer," says Tuety.

Now Tuety Turmoil is like the grand dame of Cleveland roller derby.

"No!”, that trademark laugh again, “I'm just the old one,” says Tuety.

Why doesn't this grandma just act her age?

"I AM acting my age! And I love it," says Tuety who won’t be hanging up her helmet anytime soon.

"No. Not yet. I figure as long as my body can take it, I'll take it. I feel very lucky so far and if something happened to me tomorrow I just feel wow! I've really lived it!" says Tuety.