If you’re having a bad day, think about this: at least a truck full of eels didn’t overturn on your car.

That actually happened in Oregon, and Oregon State Police tweeted photos – and they’re so gross that, even though we’re a news station based in Colorado, we are writing about it … because nope.

Here’s the first traumatizing photo of what happened. You can see the eels slithering about on the highway. They look like worms. It’s gross.

Here’s a car that’s covered with eels and a brave Oregon state trooper hanging out with them. You see that weird stuff that looks like gross water? That's slime. NOPE.

"When hagfish become stressed, they secrete a slime," says a state police spokesperson, "which can be seen in the photos, on the vehicles and on the highway."

Here are more pictures. Are you grossed out? IF YOU AREN’T, THAT PROBABLY MEANS YOU LIKE EELS.

A truck overturned when it approached construction - they'd stopped traffic and the driver wasn't able to slow down in time. So, because of that, he spilled 7,500 pounds (that's ALMOST four tons!) of hagfish onto the road. The truck had 13 containers of eels and they all fell onto the road.

The containers hit some other cars, unfortunately, but everyone escaped with only minor injuries.

So, in conclusion, sure, you might be personally victimized by your coworker, but if you had a bad day today, at least there (likely) were no eels involved.