Everyone might think of Thanksgiving turkeys as being the food that builds out our waistline, but today the tables have turned with our frozen turkey workout!

If you've ever wondered what kind of things you can do outside of the gym, 9NEWS Fitness Expert Jamie Atlas is here to show just how great a workout you can get with something as simple as a frozen turkey. In the gym you can substitute these moves with a medicine ball, in the outdoors a large rock can work just as well. As with any workout, the most important part is that you have fun with it!

Turkey twist and squat

From a squatting position, take your turkey up to the side as you twist, as if you were handing it off to another person. The faster you move, the more core and low back muscles you will activate!

Turkey twist and lunge

The same move as above, except lunge forward as you twist. Be sure to rotate to the same side leg with the turkey as you lunge, keeping your upper body tall and strong

Step back lunge with turkey press
This one can be a little tricky, but with practice it is an amazing full body exercise. Be sure to press up as you drop down into a step back lunge, keeping your chest tall and your weight in your front heel.

Turkey toss

Against a wall or with a friend, squat down and toss the turkey to the side, twisting from the hips as you launch your turkey.

Jamie Atlas is an award-winning Denver personal trainer in charge of the Bonza Bodies Personal Training Studio, located on 18th Street and Broadway in downtown Denver. Email Jamie@jamieatlas.com with any questions you might have.