Functional fitness: when you work out in ways that make you better at LIFE!

With Corey's benefit concert coming up, I thought it would be a great idea to go to the place where functional fitness is EVERYWHERE: a fire house.

These fire fighters are FIT, and they put us through an incredible workout that can be modified for home!

Check out the moves below. Do one minute at every station, with one minute rest at the end of the circuit. Repeat three to four times!

Move One:

Bag Cleans! Start with the bag, pile of laundry, or even a medicine ball on the ground. Keep your back straight, stand up quickly and pop your hips to get the weight onto shoulder. Alternate sides!

Move Two:Wall Balls! Start with the ball right under your chin. Squat to where your elbows almost hit your knees, then explode up pressing the ball as far overhead as you can. Modify with no weight or light dumbbells (and don't let go of dumbbells!)

Move Three: Imbalanced Lunges!If you don't have a fire house, add a dumbbell on one side of your body and hold at your shoulder. Switch sides at 30 seconds. This will engage more core!

Move Four: Upside down kettlebell walks. Flip a light kettlebell upside down, get your elbow nice and high (tricep parallel to ground) and just walk! This is great for shoulder stability and incredible for the core.

Move Five:Woodchops! This was the most fun one!Do this with a band tightened at a higher, fixed point and be sure to keep your arms straight as you pull across your body! You can also hold a light dumbbell and reach up above your shoulder and just cross your body down to the opposite knee.(If you have a chance to do them with sledgehammers, DO THEM!)