DENVER-In a new and innovative approach to TV interviews, 9NEWS rolled out its transparent mobile studio to talk with Sable Schultz, a transwoman who works as an advocate.

Let’s be Clear, hosted by Jeremy Jojola, takes viewers to interesting locations to meet interesting people who answer viewer-submitted questions in real-time during Facebook live interviews.

Last Tuesday on July 18th, Schultz answered numerous questions from viewers about transgender issues and you can see that entire raw interview here:

Here are just some of the questions Schultz answered from viewers:

Viewer Amanda M.: “I’m sure she is well aware that not everybody is open minded to this issue. I think that she is a brave woman for willing to do this knowing many people will have negative reactions.”

Schultz: So, I think it’s [important] to look for the positive elements. Where we're making achievements. Where we're making advances. And then, use those times where people are concerned or wondering really what's going on as an opportunity to like educate and share our own experiences.

Viewer Dave C.: “Male and female. That's it. Do you hear that a lot?”

Schultz: Oh yeah, I definitely hear that once and awhile. And I point out that when you actually look at the science, the biology, and you look at what the scientist and the biologist are actually saying - they're saying that sex and gender is far more complex than what we thought like a hundred years ago.

Viewer Steve: What goes through your mind when you hear Congress fighting over bathroom laws?

Schultz: I think it’s frustrating. I think it totally misses the point of why we need protections for transgender for restrooms right. Transgender people they just want to do the same thing anybody else does in the restroom.

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