If you clicked on this headline and thought that you were going to get hard-hitting political coverage, I’m sorry. I’ll even save you the effort of writing a comment: no, this is not news,

Now, moving on.

This is literally just about a really, really pure and adorable photo of a chipmunk that we got in Your Take that – in this at-times depressing world – we thought we’d share, because why the heck not? We didn’t force you to read this – and if you still think you’re going to get something of value other than an adorable photo of a chipmunk despite multiple warnings, you’re still going to be sorely disappointed.

Look at this little cutie! The photo was taken in Land’s End, CO by viewer Jen Jones. Hi, Mr. Chipmunk! Look at that smile! You’re just happy to be there.

This chipmunk has a smile that could melt even the coldest of hearts. 

Is that a seed in your hands, little buddy?! I think it is!

What a treasure!!! 

Do you want a zoomed in look at his smile? Of course you do!

Four out of five dentists say this smile is adorable! 

Here it is in black and white! Still cute – even without the color!

This chipmunk is adorable even in dramatic black and white. 

And here's the chipmunk with a Beatles treatment, because why the heck not?


Now carry on. I hope your smile is as big as the chipmunk’s!