A Loveland couple will be featured on a certain iconic HGTV show Thursday night.

The episode features Dana Kettlewell and her husband Bryan, who are music teachers in Northern Colorado. She told the Loveland Reporter Herold that House Hunters is her favorite show, so when they started looking to buy a place, they went ahead and applied.

Their episode is called “It’s All About the Music in Colorado.” Here’s HGTV’s description:

“High school music teachers are searching Loveland, CO for their first home. Finding a place with room for their future children, a music studio and a large unfinished basement that can updated, however, will be a challenge to their budget. Will the mountainous city give them what they’re looking for?”

Now, it’s up for debate whether Loveland is a “mountainous city,” given that it’s on the Front Range and a couple miles from the foothills, but we'll give HGTV a pass.

However, anyone who has looked for a house in Colorado knows finding one that’s affordable/livable is quite the challenge, so this should be a House Hunters episode rife with drama – especially since they have musical instruments to consider.

Bryan teaches choir at Thompson Valley High School in Loveland and Dana is the band teacher at University Schools in Greeley. The Reporter Herald says their students got to play a part in the episode too!

The episode was produced in September, and will air on HGTV at 6 p.m. Thursday. Check your local listings to see what channel that is.

You can read the full Reporter Herald story about the couple here: http://bit.ly/2q9z6s1

And if you’re unfamiliar with House Hunters (or like it a lot), here’s a Buzzfeed listicle that will offer you an informative look at what the show stands for: http://bzfd.it/2q9BDm2