Mandy Harvey’s voice shimmered. The notes that came from her mouth had the same pitch and joy fans have come to expect.

Except these notes were not belted on America’s Got Talent, where millions of American’s have come to adore the Longmont High School graduate. Instead, they came from a small stage at the Journey Christian Church in Greeley during its annual block party to give back to the community.

“I love coming back to Colorado, I love being here,” she said.

Harvey grew up in Longmont and graduated from CSU. In June, she appeared on NBC’s hit television show America’s Got Talent where she wowed judges and spectators alive with her original song “Try,” despite being deaf.

“My goal with music is just to make people smile and make people happy,” she said.

Ten years ago Harvey lost her hearing when she experienced nerve damage during her time at CSU. She quit her singing career and says she almost gave up on her degree when she went to her music coach and asked for help. The meeting quickly changed Harvey’s mindset as she began relearning music by paying attention to visual cues and feeling the music through the ground.

“There's so much happening in my life right now it seems like chaos,” she said. “I do this for other people I really want to encourage other people.”

A connective tissue order may have taken away Mandy's ability to hear her voice. Too bad she doesn't need that to see its effect on those who listen to her music.

“Be willing to try, even if that means failing for that's just another chance to grow,” she said.

Mandy’s manager said she will fly back to Los Angeles this week to compete in the semi-finals of America’s Got Talent. That episode is scheduled to air on Tuesday, September 5 on 9NEWS.