Despite some one-ounce dipping cups going for $400 on eBay after McDonald's brought the sauce back to a few locations Saturday, you won't need to fork over any cash to get the famed Szechuan sauce soon.

On Sunday, the fast-food giant announced on Twitter that they were bringing the sauce back to many more stores. The exact details haven't been released.

The company apologized for the trouble many fans had getting the sauce Saturday. Many went to the location on Broadway thinking they were going to get the sauce only to find out no Denver locations were carrying it.

Some people got angry a few stores were given just 20 packets (allegedly).

McDonald's seems to have gotten the message.

"And our super-limited batch, though well-intentioned, clearly wasn't near enough to meet that demand," they wrote in a statement. "So we're gonna make this right."

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They hint in their statement that the sauce will be available for more than just one day - thwarting all those people trying to make a quick buck on eBay. So please don't buy a tiny packet for $400 - you'll have your chance to get another one soon.

"We want to make this right," the company wrote. "You're some of the best fans in this, or any, dimension... and we plan to deliver on that promise as soon as possible. Stay tuned."

The sauce, that originally only ran as a promotional item during the run of Disney's Mulan in theaters back in the '90s, was referenced in the season three premiere of Rick and Morty this April. Since then, fans have been clamoring for the sauce's return.