Colorado wildlife … it’s just like us.

Case in point? The moose you can see in the video above who was spotted splashing around in the water up on Peak 7 in Breckenridge! This big guy sure knows how to enjoy summer, and doesn’t care who’s watching!

A big thank you to Doug and Erin Jones for sharing this video!

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As for moose, these creatures are actually pretty nimble despite their size. They can run up to 35 miles per hour over short distances, and trot steadily at 20 mph.

A full-grown moose can swim up to six miles per hour – and love to swim because it keeps them cool (you and me both, Mr. Moose!)!

Hanging out in the water also reduces some of the stress on their joints, and keeps them away from predators.

So basically, don't discount water aerobics: it keeps moose alive and humans happy.