It’s Monday.

If you wish Friday were a little bit closer, there is one bit of consolation: you live in Colorado, one of the most empirically beautiful places on Earth.

We get a view of the Centennial State from Sky9 that most of us don’t typically get to see. Watch the video above for a soothing, gorgeous look at Colorado from our skies.

And if that’s not enough, here are some soothing GIFs taken Monday afternoon from Sky9.

Who wishes they were here instead of their desk?

Can't see this GIF? That's not very relaxing. Click here:

It's hard to work when Longs Peak looks so good ...

Can't see this GIF either? Oh no! Gawk at Longs here:

That mountain view though ...

Just look at this GIF and pretend like you're working:

Finally, Boulder, bro ...

You can look at this GIF of Boulder without buying a Subaru!