For the last few weeks, we’ve been taking turns on the morning show trying to change something in our lives, to improves ourselves.

Amelia went a month without procrastinating,

Corey cleaned up clutter.

This month, I’m trying to give up unhealthy snacks. Easy right?

Not so much.

In the newsroom I sit right next to the snack table.

I am 2 feet away from an almost daily collection of donuts, cupcakes, hot dogs, pizza, cookies, cinnamon rolls and on and on and on.

I took these pictures of some of the food that went by me in just the last 2 weeks.

More often than not, my will power is really tested.

Sometimes I would cut a donut in half, thinking half is better than whole, right?

Then 10 minutes later I’d go back and get the other half. So I’ve decided at least this month, I’m over it.

For the next few weeks, we’ll explore healthier options for snacks.

We’ll hear from experts and others about how they handle their cravings.

And I’ll keep track of how I feel, and how much weight, if any, I lose.