It was a huge line for such a small packet of sauce.

Nearly 150 people waited in line Saturday afternoon outside a McDonald's in Boulder.

The reason, a packet of Szechuan Sauce.

The TV show, Rick and Morty, referenced the sauce in one of its episodes. It was originally sold in 1998, as part of a campaign for Disney's Mulan.

Fans of the show took notice. And so did McDonald's.

The fast-food joint made 4,000 of the dipping sauces for stores nationwide. Each participating store only got 20 packets.

Fans that simply had to have the sauce camped outside the McDonald's late Friday night. Some came as early as 2 p.m. on Friday and just waited.

Folks in Rick and Morty t-shirts and hats lined up all the way down the street, hoping they'd be one of the lucky few to get the Szechuan Sauce.

Once people got their hands on the sauce, the question was, would they get the sauce on a nugget and into their mouth?

Of the few 9NEWS spoke to outside the McDonald's on Saturday, only one opened up the packet and gave it a taste. He said it was delicious.

Some said they'd keep it as a collectible. Others rushed to put the packet on eBay.

The sauce special came at the same time as the re-release of McDonald's buttermilk chicken tenders. And stores across the Colorado were ready to serve them.

But only Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins had the highly coveted Szechuan dipping sauce.

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That caused some confusion among folks waiting in line at McDonald's in Denver. Those people took to Twitter to voice their displeasure.

But for the lucky few that took home a Szechuan Sauce, they said it was well worth the wait.