We see lots of photos of wildlife in the wild every day, from deer to elk to squirrels to even the occasional moose.

But, a photo of a silver fox captured by one of the came cameras at Staunton State Park caught everyone’s attention at the 9NEWS editorial meeting – for two reasons.

1. It’s really a majestic creature. We’ve seen the red ones – but a silver fox in the wild so close to home?! What sight! 

2. Most of the women of 9NEWS like seeing a different kind of silver fox in the wild, if ya know what I mean.

Here at 9NEWS.com, sometimes we like to take a break from hard news (much to the ire of Facebook fans who like to take the effort to comment on stories to say they don’t care) and educate people about the world around us.

In this case, let’s take a break and learn about silver foxes. And who better to teach you about this majestic variation of the red fox than some of the world’s most esteemed silver foxes?!

Really, this is just an excuse to look at pictures of Jeff Goldblum at work while researching fox facts. 

Take a learning journey via the photos below.

So what is a silver fox? 

That's pretty nifty. But how do I know if I see one?! 

They seem rare. How rare are they?! 

That video might be a couple of years old, but I've got to ask anyway. What does the (silver) fox say? 

Silver foxes seem very ... mystical. Are there any silver fox legends? 

That's beautiful. Can I have a silver fox of my own?!

Note: You can't in the U.S. But in Russia ... 

What an incredible silver fox learning journey. 

Another note? Colorado Parks and Wildlife says silver  foxes are AWESOME ... but please don't feed them. 

And unlike Russians, you can't keep these majestic creatures as pets. Don't try. Just get a dog. 

You can read about foxes here: http://bit.ly/2pJC1HK\

You can read about how a Soviet scientist created tame silver foxes here: http://bbc.in/2cTCuks

And you can learn what the fox say below: