Here’s why you don’t want to close your eyes for even a second (or fall asleep): you might miss something.

And in this case, you might miss a certain rock star inside of what's basically Denver's version of the Chateau Marmont: Whole Foods.

Luckily, Debbie Fitzgerald was paying attention last night at the Whole Foods on East Hampden Avenue and South Tamarac Drive and spotted Steven Tyler himself.

He was gracious enough to hold her close and take a selfie with her. Look at those smiles! Debbie described the Aerosmith frontman as “gracious and sweet.”

The two of them sure look like they want to stay in this moment forever (and ever, and ever):

Tyler walked this way (by that we mean he was in town … but it felt like it was a reference that had to be said) the week after Bill Murray also graced the Mile High City with his presence.

What a time to be alive.