DENVER - An afternoon at the Pepsi Center watching an Avalanche game can be fun for the whole family.

For Kim Speaker and Kendall Elliott it is more than that.

It is a time to treasure.

On Saturday, both were guests in a suite courtesy University of Colorado Hospital. Speaker is in remission.

“We kicked it,” she says proudly, “But we got to keep it away.”

Elliott has stage 4 lung cancer, though he was never a smoker. Yet here he is in his 9th year of his fight against cancer.

Purple glow sticks in the crowd symbolize those who have been touched by cancer. The arena is filled with them.

“That really brought it to life when you saw all those glow sticks,” Elliott said. “That really is amazing,”

On an afternoon when “Hockey Fights Cancer” Elliott's fight was celebrated.

He and his family were chosen to drop the ceremonial puck to start the game against the Minnesota Wild. That was only part of a day to remember for Elliott.

“I was like ‘little do you know’" his daughter Ashlen said “I told him I was at a work meeting I couldn’t talk,” she recalled of her text diversion with her dad.

“I turned around and there she was,” Ken said.

His hands wiped tears of disbelief at center ice as he saw his 20-year-old daughter walk out to join him, his wife, and his 16-year-old daughter.

She had flown in from Detroit to be a part of her family’s special moment.

“When I know that he's dealing with stuff that I can't help, it’s pretty hard,” Ashlen said. “I love the saying ‘God only give his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers’ cause that's my dad.”