Help! Dastardly evil villain Ripcon has taken 9NEWS anchor Corey Rose prisoner!

The only one who can save Corey Rose is a member of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – the Blue Ranger!

In real life, that Blue Ranger is battling something much more evil than Ripcon.

This weekend, 9NEWS, Corey Rose, and Make-a-Wish Colorado will band together with your help to make the dream of a young girl fighting cancer come true.

9-year-old Reagan is battling Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. It’s the same cancer that took Corey Rose’s father from her several years ago.

Reagan loves the Power Rangers, and her wish (which also happens to be the 5,000th Colorado Make-A-Wish) is to save Denver, and Corey Rose, from the clutches of evil villain Ripcon as the Blue Power Ranger!

Help us help her save the city and make her wish come true. Join us on social media as we bring her bravery and magic to you live on all of the 9NEWS social media platforms Saturday and Sunday!

Follow her bravery this weekend and tweet along using #ReaganSavesDenver on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.