Back in May, we first introduced you to Umi, a tapir calf that was born at the Denver Zoo last month.

We have a big update for you: she finally knows how to swim and is comfortable outside – meaning that you can see her in person!

Umi was born on May 6 to mother Rinny and father Benny. Her name means “life” in the Malay language, and for the past couple months, has stayed close to her mom.

For the record, zookeepers say this smart girl loves getting scratched more than anything in the world!

She’s teething, but starting to eat solid foods like kale and bananas. Like most kids, she needs her naptime. Unlike most kids, her coloring right now resembles as “brown watermelon.”

When she grows up, she’ll have coloring more like an Oreo cookie – something that helps tapirs blend in to the shadows of the forest.

Right now, Umi is only out at the Toyota Elephant Passage habitat for about an hour at 9 a.m. She’ll spend more time outdoors as she grows.