A spry 97-year-old woman is now the oldest to take on Winter Park's Alpine Slide.

Hazel Hanson, her grandsons, and great-grandkids took a trip to the ski resort recently during her visit to Colorado from Washington.

Not to be outdone by her young great-grandkids, young-at-heart Hazel took on the 3,000-foot alpine slide without hesitation - and with a big smile!

It's the longest alpine slide in Colorado, with 600 vertical feet of heart-pounding track.

At 97, Winter Park tells us she's now the oldest person to ride the slide.

How cool is Hazel?!

<p>Hazel, 97, rode Winter Park's Alpine Slide on a visit with her grandkids and great-grandkids recently. She's now the oldest person to do so! Go Hazel! </p>

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