The Downtown Aquarium want you to meet its newest, and one of its smallest members -- a baby three banded armadillo.

His name is Alejandro and he is just barely bigger than a golf ball. You might ask: What? An armadillo in an aquarium? Indeed, those were my thoughts too, but more on that soon.

Alejandro was born on July 15. He's three inches long and weighs a little over 3.5 ounces.

Courtesy Downtown Aquarium Denver.

He's been spending most of his days with his mom, Lady Gaga (amazing name by the way). His eyes still haven't even opened yet.

The Downtown Aquarium says he's growing fast and should be fully grown in about six months, weighing nearly 2.5 pounds. That's almost 11 times bigger than he is now.

Now, why is there an armadillo at an aquarium? The Downtown Aquarium actually has a few land animals including a porcupine and a sloth. The aquarium calls them "animal ambassadors."

They're meant to teach that water is extremely important even for animals that don't live under the sea.

Alejandro is still hanging out behind the scenes at the aquarium, but visitors will be able to see him soon. The aquarium says they'll announce Alejandro's public debut on their Facebook page.