An osprey chick has hatched in Boulder!

Thankfully its osprey parents weren't nearly as dramatic as April the Giraffe, and welcomed their little chick into the world after just a couple of months.

Although there has been considerably less fanfare than for the small, but long-legged mammal, you can still check out this winged fluffernutter on a live stream!

The fluffy little chick was born sometime Monday.

Thanks to a Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks tower camera, you can watch it online any time you'd like.

The chicklet has been months in the making. The male osprey returned to the nest March 23, followed by the female a few days later. The two eggs were laid the last week of April.

Then, June 5, the magic happened!

Watch the livestream here:

Click here if you're on mobile.

According to the City of Boulder:

"OSMP wildlife staff have been monitoring the Osprey nest since 2011. Since then the nest has been successful every year, fledging a total of nine young. When viewing the Osprey, the male and female can be identified by their different markings. The female Osprey has a “bib” of dark feathers on her chest, whereas the male has an almost completely white chest."

Also if you aren't seeing the picture right away, the city says be patient! The camera is completely off the grid and solar powered so inclement weather can put it offline temporarily.