A boy scout made more than 200 heart-shaped pillows for kids at the Colorado Children's Hospital. The embroidery on the pillows say, "bless your heart". And that shape and message is appropriate. He made the pillows for heart surgery patients.

Philip Miller, 16, delivered the pillows to the children's hospital on Wednesday. He raised more than $3,000 to make the shipment of pillows. More than 30 family and friends pitched in to make the project a reality.

Courtesy Philip Miller.

Miller says heart surgery patients need these pillows. Applying pressure in that area on their body can hurt. Even something as small as a seatbelt can cause discomfort. Miller hopes his pillows help with that and just bring a smile to the kids' faces.

Courtesy Philip Miller.

Miller's sister and mother both suffer from heart complications. And he's no stranger to Colorado Children's Hospital himself. He's had three different surgeries there.

About $1,100 was left over after the last pillow was stitched up. Miller donated that money to the hospital for further research on heart conditions in children.

Miller will receive his Eagle Scout rank later this year.